Most people who have booked a flight with Monarch, who have had their flight cancelled recently will have contacted Monarch about getting their money back.

Not everyone will know that if the flight was booked using a credit or debit card you have additional rights and it might be quicker and easier to claim through your own bank.

A Section 75 (Consumer Credit Act 1974) claim allows you to make a claim against your bank in the event of a breach of contract, i.e. Monarch cancelling the flight and you not being able to fly.  Pursuant to Section 75 you are able to claim against the defaulting party (Monarch) or your bank.

You are able to make a claim which provides for you to be put back in the postion you would have been in had it not been for the breach.  This means you can claim your direct losses (the ticket price) and also any associated damages as long as the same are reasonable.

The attached article offers some useful guidance to making a claim.