Brexit initially caused the sterling to slump and potentially this deal from going through due to tensions over the pricing. However, there are opportunities that come out of Brexit. 

Brexit has in a sense encouraged 'staycations' in the UK, as the weaker pound made overseas trips more expensive. The need for more camping gear and outdoors hiking gear has created healthy sales figures of £202m for Go Outdoors. 

The news of the acquisition of Go Outdoors by JD Sports is welcomed. 

For companies looking to acquire a target or looking to sell, here are the top ten headline areas to consider:

  1. Financial Statements
  2. Industry Analysis
  3. Competitive Analysis
  4. Products/Services Analysis
  5. Management
  6. Asset Analysis
  7. Patents & Trademarks
  8. Lawsuits?
  9. Synergies
  10. Key Employees

If you want any further information on things to think about when acquiring a target (or selling your company), feel free to contact me.