Recent decisions in the civil court seek to be extending the duty of care conveyancers owed to their clients.  

In Purrunsing v. A'Court & Co (a firm) and House Owners Conveyancers Limited (2016) EWHC 789 (Ch) it was held that both the buyer's and seller's conveyancing solicitors were jointly liable to the Claimant buyer for a breach of trust arising out of a property fraud.

This is an important decision because this is one of the few occasions where a seller's conveyancing solicitor, who does not usually owe any duty of care to a buyer, has been found to be liable to the buyer in circumstances where the seller's solicitors have not been dishonest.

Then there is the recent commentary advanced by Jonathan Titmuss, Harwicke Chambers in reference to the insovency of sellers when acting for buyers as set out below.

Sadly fraud and insolvency happen and conveyancers have a duty to assist in preventing loss to their client.  If you feel your conveyancer has been negligent then please contact us for a free appraisal.