In a recent Court of Appeal case appeal judges have once again shown dismay at parties bringing claims before them for nominal sums in dispute.

The case of  Court v Van Dijk & Anor [2016] EWCA Civ 483 related to a dispute concerning damages in the sum of £4,000.  The resulting legal costs totalled over £300,000.

As a firm we are sympathetic to clients who wish to litigate as a matter of principle however at some point commericality has to take precedence.  It can never be in your clients best interest to allow a case to become so costly when the amount in dispute is relatively so small.

Firms need to make sure clients are fully aware of the consequences of litigation.  Firms also have a duty to ensure other avenues of resolution are explored so as to prevent the costs and uncertainty of a final hearing.  Alternatives such as mediation can be beneficial in reducing costs, time and ultimately the stress involved with litigation.

I suppose sometimes it comes down a simple question of whether your principle is worth £300,000?